Rev. Dr. Robert A.F. Turner

Rev. Dr. Robert A.F. Turner is a gifted preacher, pastor, community leader and change agent with over 30 years of professional experience. His passion lies in bringing out the best in people and organizations -- helping clergy, churches, and individuals realize personal and professional success, resolve issues, and achieve purposeful goals.

As a community leader, Rev. Turner has tirelessly worked for social justice and the strengthening of the broader community. He has served as an advisor to many elected officials and provided a valued, faith-based perspective on the board of directors for several community organizations. He has received multiple awards for outstanding community service, and in 2012, was voted Clergy of the Year by Howard County Magazine

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Rev. Dr. Turner believes a chronic care clinic will enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of families in his congregation and the surrounding community.  With your support, he can enhance his health ministry - turning his vision of a healthy community into reality.