We build church-based chronic care clinics in under-served areas.


The Brighter Day Health Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to address the chronic care needs of vulnerable populations. Chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease affect everyone but are concentrated among the poor; and often cause a downward spiral of worsening disease and poverty.  Poor people and people of color are often more vulnerable due to decreased access to health services.

Did you know:

  • The chronic disease burden is concentrated among the poor.
  • Poor people are more vulnerable for several reasons, including increased exposure to risks and decreased access to health services.
  • Chronic diseases can cause poverty in individuals and families, and draw them into a downward spiral of worsening disease and poverty.
  • African Americans have the HIGHEST death rates from heart disease and stroke compared to other races.  
  • Diabetes is TWICE as prevalent among African Americans than other races.


Our clinics will have a HUGE impact -  in some instances a 5-fold effect. Raising $10,000 to establish a clinic can improve the health of 50,000 people in an urban setting.

According to US Dept. of HHS, there are 7 components that need to be addressed to improve outcomes for minorities.

  1. Healthcare Access

  2. Insurance Coverage

  3. Health Literacy

  4. Resource Utilization

  5. Quality of Care

  6. Language Discrimination

  7. Distrust of Healthcare System

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We are providing quality care, improving healthcare access and improving health outcomes for poor populations.